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Cyclops shaping future proposals forum, 2019

On January 16 2019, Cyclops grant investigators  met with feasibility study investigators and a few other experts from the Cyclops network.The meeting had two key purposes:

  1. To obtain status update on Cyclops feasibility projects.
  2. To discuss the future of Cyclops.

The one-day forum took place at The Gallery on Trent Bridge, Brewhouse and Kitchen, Nottingham.  Each project team was represented at the meeting, with access to holistic expertise in the room.

A list of attendees can be found here.

The gallery meeting room - 2



Forum summary

The forum was opened by Dr Serhiy Korposh, Cyclops director. Mr Matthew Weaver, Cyclops portfolio manager at the EPSRC gave a presentation to discuss funding options available for the network’s future.

Presentations on projects statuses showed inspiring progress made:

Chronic wounds care presentations were focused on finding smart solutions for foot ulcers, closing the loop in killing pathogens in wounds, and preventing pressure sores through smart hospital beds. This session was facilitated by Prof Helen Bryne, University of Oxford.

Cancer care presentations focused on progress made on finding solutions for measuring changes in tumors’ microenviroment, and using non-invasive real-time monitoring of changes in circadian rhythms to enhance therapy treatments. This session was facilitated by Prof Stephen Morgan, University of Nottingham.

Intensive care presentations demonstrated progress made in using real-time monitoring to gauge drug overdosing in patients, and using closed-loop ventilation to reduce resource burden on staff. The session was facilitated by Prof Ipsita Roy, University of Westminster.

Projects leads were pleased by initial findings and looked forward to continuing their respective studies. They also discussed challenges in the context of further funding, ethics applications, and obtaining real-life data.

Project leads were keen to find central themes for which they could collaboratively put forward future proposals. Prof Morgan, Cyclops' principal investigator, guided discussions. The meeting concluded with a view to meet with project leads in the future to prepare blended proposals.



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