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EPSRC funded healthtech project featuring as case study in Midlands Enterprise Universities marketing.

21st Setpember, 2018 by Paul Stewart

The EPSRC CYCLOPS Network funded project, 'Smart shoe insole for monitoring foot health of patients with diabetes', has been selected as one of the case studies for MEU marketing documents.

The novel insole contains an array of sensors to screen feet: full article.


Vital signs: project aims to bring artificial intelligence into healthcare.

29th June, 2016 By 

Artificially-intelligent medical devices capable of continuously monitoring critically-ill patients and administering treatments when needed, are being investigated in a UK-wide research project.

Project aims to bring artificial intelligence into healthcare: full article.


UK researchers tap AI to disrupt cancer and critical care treatments.

June 23, 2016 By 

UK-based universities are working to create artificial intelligent (AI) devices that can improve treatment for cancer, intensive care, and chronic wound patients. They plan to develop continuous monitoring devices for critically ill patients that can administer medicines or adjust treatment automatically, using feedback from sensors.

How UK researchers plan to develop continuous monitoring devices: full article.


How artificially-intelligent medical devices will one day treat cancer and critical care patients.

16 Jun 2016 13:45.

The Universities of Nottingham, Oxford and Warwick are leading ‘blue sky’ research into artificially-intelligent medical devices that will improve treatment for cancer and intensive care patients and those with chronic wounds. 

How AI medical devices could treat cancer and critical care patients: full press release.

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Cyclops members invited talks

Dr Serhiy Korposh and Prof Steve Morgan were invited speakers at photoncs west “biomedical application of optical fibre sensors”, January-February, 2017. San Francisco, Carlifonia, USA.  

Prof Declan Bates and Prof Jon Hardman were invited session speakers on Respiratory Systems Engineering at The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, South Korea 2017.

Press releases

Launch of UK's first Centre for Healthcare Technologies

01 Mar 2016 18:56:03.427

As life expectancy increases, placing more demands on healthcare services, technological advances will need to bridge the growing NHS funding gap.

Launch of UK’s first Centre for Healthcare Technologies: full press release.



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